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We are a remote workforce too, so we understand how it works.  Whether your workforce is fully remote or flexible with a mix of remote and workplace employees, HR support is different for remote teams than it is for traditional in-office teams.  We’ll manage the full scope of your HR function and implement the processes related to recruiting, on-boarding, performance management, employee engagement & communication, operating standards and expectations, compliance (including multi-state) and separation of employment specifically for a remote environment.  We will assess your workforce to figure out HR technologies works best for you and implement those.  Already have technology in place?  We can work with that too.

HR Compliance

Our Complete HR Compliance Package includes a Full Scope HR Audit and 1 full year of HR on Call. Our team of HR compliance experts will perform the audit for you, supply a comprehensive report of the findings along with recommendations and then hand the reigns over to you with our continued advice. We don’t just get you into HR compliance, we help keep you there.

HR Compliance issues can cost a company a lot of cash. Simply put, it’s relatively inexpensive to get your business into HR compliance, as opposed to the consequences of not addressing compliance issues. Not handling HR compliance issues before there is a compliant can turn out to be one of the most expensive mistakes a company can make, regardless of whether you know about them or not.

HR audit
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small business HR 
department package

We truly become your Human Resources Department. We tailor and enact practical and effective HR solutions for you and your team – everything from on-boarding to off-boarding and everything in between are handled for you. Our Small Business HR Department is a full-service HR managed services package that encompasses the development, implementation and ongoing management of your HR function.  The Small Business HR Department package is designed to maintain a Human Resources function based on the industry, company size and culture to cover basic employment practices, set employee and employer expectations as well as provide a trusted resource and business partner to both management and employees of your small business.

​Key Features & Benefits include, but are not limited to:

·         HR Audit

·         Establish Compliance

·         HR Best Practices

·         Employee Handbook

·         Job Descriptions

·         HR Systems

·         Performance Management & Employee Relations

·         Recruiting Management

·         On-boarding

·         Off-boarding

·         HR Administration and day to day HR Management

Practical and 
effective HR
for you
HR documents starter 

Your basics are covered with the most common HR documents. This HR Documents Starter Package will effectively equip you to limit liability by having the right paperwork in place and start off with your HR foundation.

​Included in the HR Starter Package:

Pre-Employment/Hiring Documents

  • Employment Application

  • Reference Check Form

  • Samples Interview Questions

  • Sample Offer Letter/Terms of Employment

New Hire & Employee Documents

  • New Employee Checklist

  • Company Property Agreement

  • Direct Deposit Authorization

  • Emergency Contacts Form

  • Federal Form 1-9

  • Federal Tax Form W4 

Employee Management Documents

  • General Employee Handbook

  • Corrective Action Form

  • Job Description Template

  • Paid Time Off (PTO) Request Form

  • Sample Performance Evaluation Form and Sample Role Expectations & Development Form

Termination of Employment

  • Confirmation of Resignation

  • Separation Checklist

  • Detailed Guide on how to use the documents included in the HR Document Starter Package

  • Up to 30-minute complimentary phone consultation

Your HR 
basics covered
HR on call 

With HR on Call, we are here for you.  The expected, and unexpected, can happen at any time.  The HR on Call package is the resource to be there when you need it.  With affordable monthly plans, we offer practical, effective, and affordable HR advice.

With HR on Call you get:

  • A dedicated HR point of contact for your company. We’ll get to know you and your team. You won’t need to explain on going issues over and over.

  • Peace of mind knowing that you’re handling HR policies, procedures and actions in a way that limits liability for your company.

  • Response within 24 hours  M-F. Weekend availability upon request.

  • Phone, Email, and Text Response

  • Annual review and recommendation of changes of your Employee Handbook

  • Updates on relevant employment regulations applicable to your business to keep you in compliance.

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