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An organization's success depends on its ability to
influence and motivate its members

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." - John F. Kennedy


Leaders improve their skills, abilities, and confidence as a result of leadership training.  Organizations perform better when strong leaders are at the helm. Our team has the experience, expertise, and passion to help you develop and  deliver high-performing managers at all levels, including front-line managers, middle managers, and senior managers. 



We offer customized and standard training programs that include live instruction, discussions, exercises, and gaming as well as an interactive and feedback-based interaction approach to learning. 


By utilizing innovative thinking, we are able to:

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Develop leadership skills so that team members are supported,  motivated, and empowered to succeed.

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Provide education and training for leaders so they can utilize their natural abilities to grow personally and professionally.

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Provide employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities they need to lead others.



  • Change Management

    • Objectives:

      • Understand the effects of change on your team.​

      • Understand team members' key concerns in the change process.

      • Understand the change in readiness levels for your team. 

      • Apply strategies to assist team members through change. 

  • Conflict Management

    • Objectives:

      • Recognize and understand conflict "Triggers"​

      • Understand how different values may contribute to conflict.

      • Practice active and passive positive responses to conflict in the workplace.

      • Apply strategies to a workplace conflict situation. 

  • Leading Others: How to Lead Effectively  

    • Objectives:​

      • Identify your personal leadership style​

      • Develop skills to enhance communication

      • Develop skills to coach employee performance

  • Leaders who Serve First: Servant Leadership 

    • Objectives:​

      • Understand servant leadership​

      • Identify behaviors of servant leaders

      • Understand the benefits of servant leadership

      • Understand how to inspire others to succeed

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Gain continuing education credits while staying current with the latest diversity, equity, and inclusion regulation, policies, procedures, and methodologies through Triumphant Solution's program approved trainings, webinars, and seminars.

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