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There is more to DE&I training than checking a box!

In order to improve workplace culture, facilitate positive interactions, and reduce prejudice and discrimination, diversity, equity & inclusion training affects employee attitudes, drives behavioral change, and raises their awareness of biases in the most efficient manner.  


Our team will help you create a culture of innovation, strengthen employee connections, and increase employee  engagement.



We offer customized and standard training programs that include live instruction, discussions, exercises, and gaming as well as an interactive and feedback-based interaction approach to learning. 


By utilizing innovative thinking, we are able to:

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Enhance employee awareness of diversity's benefits.

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Ensure inclusive employment practices through training.

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Provides employees with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to work with people who are different from them.

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  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: What You Can Do?

    • Objectives​

      • Understand the different types of racism and the definition of racial identity.

      • Understand the benefits of a diverse and inclusive workplace

      • Apply diverse and inclusive concepts in daily workplace interactions

      • Learn how to become aware of unconscious bias and avoid its negative impact when recruiting, hiring, and making business decisions.​

      • Understand the importance of cultural competence, sensitivity, and civility in the workplace.

  • Embracing Diversity: I matter and so does everyone else!

    • Objectives​

      • Define diversity competency.

      • Understand how the lack of diversity competence offends others.  

      • Identify ways to enhance communication when offended.

      • Develop strategies to apply diversity principles.

  • Inclusion in the Workplace: Managers & Supervisors Edition

    • Objectives​

      • Analyze how workplace culture impacts inclusivity

      • Create, maintain, and measure an inclusive workplace using communication, mentoring, hiring practices, facilitation, listening, and training.

      • Embrace and nurture all talents in a workplace that encourages success

      • Utilize strategies that promote inclusion in the workplace by addressing implicit bias, making mindful decisions, and reinforcing positive change

  • Confronting Unconscious Bias: Making the Uncomfortable Comfortable

    • Objectives

      • Increase self-awareness of personal unconscious bias​.

      • Demonstrate strategies to overcome unconscious bias.

      • Understand the effect of unconscious bias at work. 

      • Apply unconscious bias reduction skills to mini case studies.

  • Cultural Competence: Closing the Achievement Gap

    • Objectives

      • Understand the importance of self-awareness of one’s cultural identity in order to increase intercultural awareness and address the Achievement Gap.

      • Explore how to become aware of their own influence on students’ identities to create a student-centered learning environment.

      • Develop strategies to deal with identities in a fairer and more coherent way to close the Achievement Gap.

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Gain continuing education credits while staying current with the latest diversity, equity, and inclusion regulation, policies, procedures, and methodologies through Triumphant Solution's program approved trainings, webinars, and seminars.

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