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Creating strategies for success

Business Meeting
Startup Business Services (For Profit/Non-Profit)

As an entrepreneur, you have so many unknown factors to consider when starting up.  Having an expert on hand can greatly improve your chances of success.  Business owners have a wide range of areas to manage to achieve success after they put legal structures in place.  This is how we can help:

  • Business Planning

  • Legal Business Formation

  • Business Operations

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Financial Plan

Strategic Planning

Business planning is different from strategic planning.  A business plan focuses on the viability of a company and covers 1-3 years of the business.  A strategic plan is more conceptual and dynamic.  It's a roadmap of your small business to reach its goals.   


We help by helping you develop your big picture goals, your business model design, and your action plan to get there.  


Starting and running a business isn't faint for the heart.  A business that runs well is more efficient and more profitable.  

We work with you and your team to identify obstacles, opportunities, best practices and innovations to improve overall operational performance - increasing productivity and lowering operational cost. 


We will help you prioritize your business needs and build a plan to implement, then help you implement it, and even build a team. 

Human Resources

Small-medium businesses, NEED HR expertise! We assist businesses who need HR assistance to remain compliant but simply do not have the need or budget for a full-time HR manager.  This is how we can help: 

  • HR Documents Starter Package

  • HR on Call Package

  • HR Compliance Package

  • HR Audit

  • Small Business HR Department of One

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