Business Conference


Improving Efficiency and Improving HR operations. 

Policies & Procedures

Inform employees of benefit packages, answer FAQs, and provide a strong legal defense in the event of an employee claim.  

Employee Engagement

Developing, administering and presenting employee assessment surveys to improve working relationships and increase productivity.  This is done through careful analysis of pertinent data, and summarizing results, identify areas of concern and providing recommendations for organizational improvement.  

Workplace Compliance

Perform a comprehensive assessment of a human resource department through an HR audit, to determine the current level of compliance as a starting point for managing the HR function. The process identifies areas of efficiency, areas needing improvement and which precipitate providing recommendations to meet those needs.

Recruitment and Retention

Recruiting, developing, and retaining talent to optimize both employer and employee potential, ascertaining a good positional fit, as well as improve performance, and effectuate a positive organizational impact.

Performance Management

Designing simple yet sophisticated and  comprehensive evaluation processes. Providing information employees need to improve performance, set goals, and ways to achieve them.  This includes the development of evaluation/appraisal programs processes and tool that define employee expectations and ratings.