THR Solutions' consulting services are more general in nature and are designed to meet any company’s needs.


Examples of some HR Consulting services available may include:

  • General Human Resources Consulting

  • Employee Handbook Revision or Development

  • I-9 Audits

  • Management Training

  • Employee Records Audits

  • Regulatory compliance research

  • Job Description Development

  • Recruitment Assistance


Generally speaking, HR Consulting services are designed more for companies that need help on a specific part of their Human Resources functions.

THR Solutions can also assist small or midsize employers with finding solutions to meet their needs such as:

  • Insurance Agents for Employee Benefits, Retirement Plans and Business Insurance

  • Background Screening Services from simple to DOT

  • Payroll Providers

  • Time Keeping Providers


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Consulting FAQs

What is HR Consulting?


HR consulting is simply that, it is consultation on human resources practices.  This can range from requiring assistance with recruiting and hiring efforts, or it can be strategic integration of HR programs, processes, policies or practices.


Why do I need an HR Consultant?

At the end of the day, the role of an HR Consultant is to assist our clients with identification of their HR needs, help them develop an action plan and establish policy and procedures to enhance the success of their organization. 

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